ICFSE Conference


The family, as the most important socio-emotional unit, has an important and unique role in all stages of development and educational dimensions of individuals, and in fact, lays the foundation for how a person’s personality is. The main focus of the process of socialization of the individual is formed in the family. Accordingly, it plays the major role in the formation of attitudes, values ​​and beliefs of the individual and affects the type of relationships with other individuals, factors and other social institutions. Family researchers believe that psychosocial problems and injuries of individuals are derived from relationships within the family. Therefore, the family can be on the one hand the center of problem formation and on the other hand the healing focus and cure of the problems.

Today, many changes and transformations of the wide social system are rooted in the family and these changes are not only not considered as a social issue but also have different cultural, psychological, political and economic dimensions.

One of the most important functions of the family is providing spiritual education platform for individuals. Spirituality is a vital energy that gives meaning to human life and experts consider it as “the common essence of religions”. Spirituality as a new trend in educational and cultural fields has occurred for two reasons, one is that the field of education provides the best opportunity for the realization of spirituality in human beings and the other is that the subject of spirituality is inherently an educational subject. Spiritual education means training to form the values ​​and beliefs of the individual related to himself, God, creatures and beings and nature, in fact, it can be considered as an opportunity to provide a platform for responding to human search and demand for personal identity, his relationship with the Creator, society and the world around him. Basically, spiritual education is the deepest and most difficult type of education and the missing link of today’s human.

Considering such a necessity, the Research Institute of the Hawzah and University and the Institute of Islamic Family and Spiritual Education of “Khatam”, in order to provide a good opportunity for expanding and promoting the results of research by researchers and experts in the field of family at the international level, have attempted to hold The first International Conference on “Family and Spiritual Education” in five languages: Persian, Arabic, English, Azerbaijani Turkish and French.

This conference will be held with the ISC license in the number of 01210-21630, by the Research Institute of the Hawzah and University and the Institute of Islamic Family and Spiritual Education of “Khatam” on October 20th, 2022 (Mehr 28th, 1401).

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